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V&V, Vienna




Galerie V&V with Veronika Schwarzinger

The gallery was established as a platform for contemporary art jewelry in the heart of Vienna and showcases work by international artists. It has been owned by Veronika Schwarzinger since Verena Formanek left to join the MAK-Austrian Museum Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna. Galerie V&V represents more than fifty artists and mounts exhibitions that change approximately every six weeks. It is unique in Vienna in the wide range of work it shows with regard to techniques (which encompass installation, film, and multimedia pieces), materials, and approaches. Unique works are presented alongside editions and items manufactured industrially in small series. Artists featured come from across the globe, principally from Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S.A. The gallery continues to sell highlights in the field of contemporary art jewelry as Classics or Vintage.


Wiener Schmuck,

Tendenzen 1936-1991, Tusch Varia


View of V&V gallery space, designed by Franziska Ullmann, 2 columns represent the techniques of the gallery owners and jewelry designers (spiral spring, ball bearing) Exhibition by Susanna Heron, 1982, London   

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